oxygen not included shearing station

oxygen not included shearing station

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Whenever one of my ranchers goes to shear a Drecko, the shearing station animation starts and never stops, and the rancher and Drecko just leave without any shearing being done. Although it is not written in the prompts, it does affects the Deliver job. View entire discussion ( 0 comments) More posts from the Oxygennotincluded community. Close. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Shearing station not working? Home » Guides » Oxygen Not Included – Blueprint Guide / Geyser Station. 571.

My rancher won't use the sheering station, even though the drekos scales are at 100%. 0 comments. save hide report. The top layer is filled with Hydrogen for Dreckos to grow Reed Fiber scales.

best . My rancher won't use the sheering station, even though the drekos scales are at 100%. save hide report. u/fcerial. Question. Posted by 1 day ago.

I don't pay full attention to steam comments.

Even tried priority 9 and still does not work, do you know why? Dimension: 16 (L) * 6 (H) Power Consumption: Buffer Capacity: 150 kg Storage Capacity: ∞ kg.

Details [edit | edit source] The Power Control Station consumes no power but requires duplicant operation. share. I haven't stuck around to watch exactly what happens yet; I usually just forget about it and do something else, and when I come back, the station's running but no animal's being sheared. 12. How do you Shear Wild Dreckos? Short guide presenting a compact geyser station, helping to retrieve and store the gas of a geyser. Statistics.

It is a very underrated skill, and every point is equal to a 15% increase in the maximum weight that can be transported. 5 comments.

It is not connected to fighting, but rather to the amount of resources that can be carried. Even tried priority 9 and still does not work, do you know why?

It uses 5 … If there are problems with the mod please reach out on the (un)official Oxygen Not Included Discord where I hang around on the modding channels as @test447. Be the first to share what you think!

The middle layer is filled with Oxygen for Duplicants' convenience to work with the Grooming Station and Shearing Station.

no comments yet. Husbandry. I've heard multiple sources say that the shear station does not have to be in a stable, so I set up a 5 second shear station … Oxygen Not Included – Blueprint Guide / Geyser Station.

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Sort by. Duplicants need the Electrical Engineering skill to operate Station. With this setup, Dreckos can eat Balm Lily in the bottom layer, and grow Reed Fiber scale when they move to the top layer.

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