Dragon ball z Action Figures Babidi, Dabura, Pui Pui, and Vegeta Lot. Compare this to Pui Pui's minimum of 3,000,000. Shipping and handling. Pui Pui fighting Vegeta. Thank goodness he was able to back it up! Poor Pui Pui; he would've been better off just fighting Gohan. It may just be a dub line, but Goku and Gohan do point out that Vegeta seems to have gotten a lot stronger during the fight, after he's shown that he's way, way too much for Pui-Pui to handle (effortlessly blocking his hits, dodging dozens of punches by just barely moving, etc.) Vegeta and Goku's Full-Bore Power! Pui Pui is a minion of Babidi, called a majin, the guardian of level one in Babidi's spaceship which housed Majin Buu's Sealed Ball. Pui Pui meets Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Jimmy and Supreme Kai when they descend down Babidi's spaceship, trying to stop Babidi's plan of releasing Majin Buu and rescuing Kayla to stop the wedding. This item will ship to United States, but … During the search in Babidi's ship, Vegeta wins a rock-paper-scissors match against Goku and Gohan in order to be the first to fight. However, Vegeta fights and quickly kills him because he had previously trained under 400 G's. Majin Pui Pui. re: Pui-Pui vs. Base Vegeta (Cell Games) Pui Pui is a wild card (as far as levels go), but he should be much stronger than Final Form Freiza, and arguably stronger than East Kaioshin and Piccolo. Viene eliminato facilmente da Vegeta. However, this makes no difference to Vegeta, who obliterates his … Unimpressed by Pui Pui's speed and agility, Vegeta hurled this threatening insult at the alien warrior before a single punch was thrown. As Vegeta easily outmatches Pui Pui in terms of fighting skill, Babidi changes the stage to match that of the high gravity planet, Zun, where Pui Pui is at his top fighting form. Babidi claimed that Pui Pui would be defeat base Goku with ease (assume this is an exaggeration), putting Pui Pui's power at 60