As the elephant is the sacred and national animal of Thailand, we see this problem becoming an alarming issue across the country. Gain an insight into their history and behavior while creating lifelong memories of your time with the stunning creature. Observe how elephants rehabilitate into forest life after decades of abuse, and experience how incredible the largest land mammal on earth is during a day at our sanctuary. aonang elephant sanctuary We operate the tour for who interested to see what we are doing at our Elephant Sanctuary. Krabi Elephant Sanctuary offers a new home for overtired elephants who have ever worked from logging and tourism industry. KRABI ELEPHANT SANCTUARY (NO RIDING) is a haven for … Samui Elephant Sanctuary - Bophut will be reopening on June 1, 2020, following strict guidelines so initially food will not be served to guests. See gallery Certified. Elephant Nature Park A rescue and rehabilitation center for elephants, where you can bathe and feed the elephants, plus learn about each animal’s past. Afternoon Visit. As the first ethical elephant tourism experience in Krabi, we rescue and welcome them back into their Natural habitat. Here’s a Krabi elephant house sanctuary, the place where elephants are not just animals but we are “family members”. Lush Koh Samui jungles envelop our sanctuary which sits proudly atop undulating hills and commands impressive views over … Elephant Refuge & Education Center Home » Projects » Elephant Refuge & Education Center If you wish to volunteer ethically with elephants, and wish to know more about them, the problems they face and you want to be part of the solution, the WFFT Elephant Rescue and … The project spans 25,000 acres and aims to protect the land and all of the native species, flora and fauna, that call it home, including tigers, monkeys, buffalos, and of course, the Asian elephant. Get away from Bangkok for a day to spend quality time with elephants at an ethically run Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Pattaya. Donate. The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is in the nearby Pattaya city. We have rescued old and retired elephants from logging industries and riding camp and they are not able to work anymore. So, we decided to closed ElephantsWorld for one month, start from the 1st of April to 30th of April 2020. The morning visit takes place from 6:30 am to 11:30 am and the afternoon visit takes place from 12:30 to 17:30 pm. About. By establishing the Aonang Elephant Sanctuary, it is our aim to actively work as part of the solution, to rescue and provide a natural living environment for elephants, and to ensure they have enough food and a decent living standard in their sunset years. From Bangkok: Pattaya Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Day Trip 4.9 / 5 378 Reviews. Certified by GetYourGuide Get away from Bangkok for a day to spend quality time with elephants at an ethically run Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Pattaya. Cost: Day tours are 2,500 baht ($73US); overnight tours are 5,800 baht ($168US). Visit and Volunteer, near Bangkok. We’re working together and taking care of each other. Kind regards, ElephantsWorld Team. The support of generous donors allows us to purchase food, dietary supplements, and veterinary supplies for our elephants, and the provision of these are currently our highest priority. Thank you to all of the kind hearted people who have helped to support our elephants during this time of crisis.