6 CHALLENGES, OPPORTUNITIES On its way to a smart, sustainable city, Paris adopted an ambitious Energy Climate Plan: a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by 30 percent before 2020. Paris Smart City 2050 If Vincent Callebaut Architectures have it their way, Paris 2050 would become a paradise of plant – embedded smart architecture. Le projet de Paris pour 2050 par Vincent Callebaut – «PARIS SMART CITY 2050». The 2050 Paris Smart City project was commissioned by Paris's City Hall, as it looks at ways to reduce the capital's greenhouse gas emissions by 75 per cent by 2050. C’est cette dernière composante qui fait l’originalité de Paris. Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) is a visionary platform found in 2011. Le Plan Climat adopté par le Conseil de Paris le 1er octobre 2007 prévoit de réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre du territoire parisien de 75% en 2050 par rapport à 2004. It excels in international projection, technology, and mobility and transportation. The “2050 PARIS SMART CITY” project is a research and development work on the integration of high-rise buildings with plus-energy (BEPOS) producing by solidarity all … These architecture is part of the paln to both address Paris’ housing and density issue by developing multiple … “Making Paris ‘smart’ is a key issue for the mayoral administration,” explains Renaud Paque, director of Development at the Atelier Parisien d’Urbanisme. Since the perfect city doesn't exist, we must move toward that perfection with every means available. Benjamin Favriau : Paris définit la smart city comme le croisement de trois modèles de villes : la ville durable, la ville connectée et la ville ouverte. Part of the Paris Climate Energy Plan, which aims to reduce 75% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, « 2050 PARIS SMART CITY » is an R& D project to build high-rise, positive energy buildings, capable of producing energy for their surrounding areas. Smart and Sustainable Paris is a city-as-platform that is open, resolutely future-driven and eager for experimentation, disruption and the development of new services that put technology, data, interoperability and interconnected networks front and center. The buildings take advantage… Together with Cisco, Paris launched a pilot experiment using Cisco Energy Management to develop a replicable energy optimization plan. Vincent Callebaut's Paris Smart City plan includes a Mountain Tower and other green skyscrapers inspired by nature that fit within the existing structures of the city. “Now, for the first time, there’s a directly appointed Smart City team within City Hall that is integrated into the governance of Paris on a variety of issues. 5. Paris: Is the most popular tourist destination in the world, exceeding 40 million foreign tourists per year. Paris Smart City 2050 Part I In the last 15 years, he has won many prestigious awards all over the world with his indomitable nature inspired futuristic designs.