Oxygen Not Included Temperature Management. The correct choice of the first 3 duplicates is very important. How to. Oxygen not included Water Welcome to the Oxygen not included Water guide, where we will show you all the methods to obtain it and also the main uses (food, resources, buildings) of one of the most important resources in the game. The priorities tab in upper right corner, you can choose who performs and who does not perform a job from a given field. Hence, it is easier to heat the environment. If you are stuck in a colder environment and want to tone it down a little to the hotter side then it is much easier than doing the opposite. The game automatically chooses the duplicants most suited to a task, provided they are not currently in progress of a different task, especially those basic ones, such as cleaning, which is prioritized at the beginning of the game over e.g. Be it the Duplicants or the plants or even the items you possess all of these things to produce and spread heat. Duplicants cook very basic food on the Microbe Musher or later - once Meal Preparation research has been performed - at the Electric Grill.The food is dropped on the floor if no refrigerator or ration box is available. Welcome to the Oxygen not incorporated Drinking water information, where we will show you all the approaches to get hold of it and also the principal employs (foods, resources, properties) of a person of the most crucial assets in the game. Input the number of normal dupes in your colony (without bottomless stomach).
building. ... Just playing the most recent update of Oxygen Not Included (Expressive) ... and you'll get nice clean water about 26 C which is nice for your bristle blossom farms. Beginner Guide Select the right duplicates. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. Food is necessary to keep Duplicants healthy. Oxygen Not Included REBUILDING THERMAL UPGRADE Base - Again | Alpha Oxygen Not Included Gameplay 2017-03-28 Oxygen Not Included Bristle Blossom Farm First Harvest THERMAL UPGRADE | Alpha Gameplay Let's Play Select which of the foods you wish to feed your colony with. Input the number of dupes with bottomless stomach trait. Oxygen Not Included - Asteroid Guide As of July 2019, after the Launch Update in Oxygen Not Included , you are allowed to pick your starting Asteroid when starting a new game.

Try to select specialists in some field, that is, people who have more than 4.5 points in a given field.

; Check the "Dupe-harvest" box if dupes harvest plants.Unchecked lets the plants drop the harvest themselves 4 cycles after ripening. Oxygen not bundled Water.