Blue Pegasus Edit. Blue Pegasus is a Legal Guild in Fiore. While the S-Class level of Sabertooth is clearly weaker than Fairy Tail's, they are significantly stronger than the S-Class levels of most other guilds, such as Quatro Cerberus and Blue Pegasus. Dobengal. The country of Fiore has an organized Magic Council, and the Council approves of certain guilds that are then certified to handle tasks in the world from local governments in towns and cities. Sabertooth … Raven Tail was a Dark Guild operating in Earth Land. Der Name "Fairy Tail" repräsentiert das Abenteuer-Gefühl etwas zu entdecken, Geheimnisse und Glaube. The world of Fairy Tail is surprisingly rigid for an anime series about a bunch of mages who seem to prefer physical combat to things people actually expect of mages. Lector. Read Fairy Tail Side Chapter: Welcome to the Guild! As of year X791, such status has been revoked, and Raven Tail has been acknowledged as a Legal Guild. Fairy Tail Guild > The Archive (IC Related) > Guild Information > Minor Guilds > Sabertooth. The main building for the guild is located on a island in the middle of a lake. Dobengal is a Mage of the currently strongest Guild in Fiore, Sabretooth and ranks within the top 10 of the guild. However, during the seven years following the disappearance of the core members of Fairy Tail after the events of Tenrou Island, Sabertooth recruited five strange yet very powerful Mages into its ranks: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Rufus Lore, Orga Nanagear and Minerva Orlando. "I won't humiliate the name of Sabertooth. This indicates the strength of Sabertooth, relative to all other Fiore Mage Guilds is about 2nd, with the potential for Lamia Scale or Mermaid Heel to be stronger.

— Yukino Aguria.

It means I have to win." Lector is an Exceed and a Mage of the currently strongest Guild in Fiore, the Sabertooth Guild. Frosch.
In X784, Sabertooth wasn't a powerful or famous guild. Fairy Tail (妖精の尻尾, フェアリーテイル, Fearī Teiru) ist die stärkste Gilde im Königreich Fiore.Die Gilde wurde grundgelegen nach dem Kampf zwischen Tartaros und der Gilde aufgelöst, trotzdem wurde sie nach einem Jah, durch die bekannteren Mitglieder, wieder neugegründet.
They are considered an 'adventurer's guild' for their acceptance of members, both magical and non magical. Embodying the symbol of an ancient predator-- Sabertooth has become a guild that symbolizes primal strength, pride and victory.

Part 1 from the story Sabertooth's Story [Book 1 of the Sabertooth Series] by Rio2244 with 1,657 reads. Raven Tail Edit.