The European Solidarity Corps aims to foster solidarity in European society, engaging young people and organisations in accessible and high-quality solidarity activities. European Solidarity Corps Qu’est-ce que le corps européen de solidarité ? These actions are manged partly at the national level by National Agencies and partly at the European level by the EACEA. Organisations that have already participated in an Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps action managed by a National Agency and have a Participant Identification Code (PIC) have been assigned an Organisation ID automatically. The Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform is where organisations wishing to take part in Erasmus+ actions managed by National Agencies must register. The Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL) provides a unique platform as the only organisation with the mission of uniting at the European level, national and regional cancer leagues to achieve a cancer-free Europe. Ook krijg je zakgeld, een taalcursus en een zorgverzekering. Once registered, you will receive an Organisation ID that you can use when applying for an accreditation or grant. European Policy Experimentations in the field of Education and Training led by high-level public authorities: 1.2 : 18/12/2019: Application eForm homepage: Creative Europe, MEDIA, Support for Film Education : Support for Film Education 2020: 1.4.1 : 16/12/2019: Application eForm homepage: European Solidarity Corps 2019: 12/12/2019 Le corps européen de solidarité réunit des jeunes qui souhaitent bâtir une société plus inclusive en venant en aide aux plus vulnérables et en relevant des défis sociétaux. Additionally, the European Solidarity Corps supports a series of Quality and Support measures and non-formal and informal learning. Corrigendum Programmagids European Solidarity Corps 2020 (pdf, 700KB) Guide for Experts on Quality Assessment European Solidarity Corps 2019 ( Guide for Experts on Quality Assessment European Solidarity Corps 2020 ( Aanvraagformulier subsidie ( Het European Solidarity Corps zorgt namelijk voor een vergoeding van je reis- en verblijfskosten. Mission du corps européen de solidarité. It is a way for your organisation to address societal challenges and to give young people the opportunity to learn and develop their potential. Ook krijg je … Het aanvraagformulier (pdf, 270KB) Beoordeling van de aanvraag (pdf, 251KB) De subsidie (pdf, 158KB) Programmagids European Solidarity Corps 2020 ( Aanvraagformulier subsidie ( Aanmaken Organisation ID ( EU-Login aanmaken ( Meer documenten