This incredible forgiving mallet is easy to aim and comes with PING's adjustable length shaft so you can custom fit it to match your preferred feel on the greens. Given all the goodwill, the company expanded the Spider's web with additional head colors, hosel options and sightlines. Tying the hands to the putter face promotes keeping the putter’s face angle square thru the entire hitting area. ... Game changer. I believe that the ability to quickly and easily change the length of the putter will be a game-changer for many golfers. The last two photos show what happens when the putter face is Opened & Closed.

Why TaylorMade's Spider X Putter is a Game Changer. It’s pretty rare for me to say it, but it’s a word I’m happy to use with regard to the PING Sigma 2 putters. The orange rod is exposed. By positioning the weight directly under and a half-inch away from the shaft, the hands can feel the position of the putter face.

David Cannon. Your putter face is now SQUARE at IMPACT. In the 8 rounds that I've had this putter I've literally shaved off 4-5 putts per round. The difference between the new putter … To make it visually appealing to even more golfers, TaylorMade streamlined the head. Review by Greg Stars I rolled a couple at the PGA superstore and it was lights out. Evnroll ER3 WingBlade. ... You now have "Trapped the Shaft". “The massive reduction in grip and shaft weight means the Sacks Parente putter head becomes the only thing golfers feel when lining up to putt.

1. Looks. Shop for the PING Sigma 2 Wolverine H Stealth Putter w/PP61 Grip. At impact, hide GSC behind shaft… The Golf Score Changer has renewed my game. Tom Conway. Since the USGA eliminated the use of anchoring putters in 2016, many golfers have found an alternative way around the ban with an arm lock putter.Golfers have adopted a new putting grip that keeps the hands and arms quiet. I'm a 4 handi and putting has always held me back. Although proven to be a successful method to consistently keep the hands ahead of the ball through impact, the use of an arm lock putting style is still far and few in between. The Sigma 2 putters continue PING’s tradition of offering a putter … A 70 gram 10” steel rod is installed in the bottom of the V running the entire length of the grip. The Heavier head on the 33in felt real solid. But, looking at the slow-motion path of my putter once I switched to the counter-balanced longer shaft, the results were pretty undeniable.