Felt pirates jungle was pretty good with her, but didn't like nagas for whatever reason. Its so heavy focused on having a insanely op grab and for whatever reason comboing it with iframes to the point they feelt they had to root her while casting.

Play the class that matches (1) what ROLE you want to serve, and (2) what STYLE of gameplay you enjoy. In one on one fights the Striker is fantastic at getting in, laying a smackdown, and getting out with high mobility and very damaging combos. Until I get enough SP for my Lahn (60), I solely utilize awakened. What are some good grind spots for Lahn that are somewhat uncontested? If you wish to practice PvP, feel free to contact me in-game, my Lahn's name is Rakuri Vahlores (or z, I can't remember). Weapon: Crescent Pendulum Sub-Weapon: Noble Sword Awakening Weapon: Crimson Glaives. Most classes have been considered the “best” class for PvP at one point or another since BDO’s release. From BDO WIKI. Lahn is not very rewarding to play in pvp since your 1v1 is mostly grabing your opponent while iframing his heavy hitters/cc. Furthermore, there are different roles in PvP. I'm always willing to … r/blackdesertonline: The subreddit for the PC MMORPG Black Desert Online, developed by Pearl Abyss.

Soar through the air, your steps lighter than a feather, and unleash destruction upon your foes. His damage in pvp is grotesquely high and the ability to surround an opponent with clones that do damage is very powerful! For example, a Witch is extremely powerful in group PvP, but is considered very poor at individual fights. Thanks for … Loving the guide. A Lahn can, quite literally, launch herself off of a massively high sheer cliff or the edge of a high castle watchtower in the exact direction they want to go to their goal, glide an absolutely obscene distance quickly and land without a scratch, a move that would instantly kill any other class who attempted it and therefore they need to go the long way around. PvP her damage seems subpar or flat out not so good due to PvP Damage reduced being hidden and feels immense in comparison to the shown skill% dmg digits on her abilities. Having played Kuno with similar skill digit %s Kuno's damage is extremely higher and skills are performed faster than Lahn in some/most cases. Class Overview. Jump to: navigation, search. Black Desert for Consoles | r/PlayBlackDesert … imo lahns overall game design is just plain bad. When flagged for PvP your combat state icon will change to flames. While open world PvP certainly is available in Black Desert, the doubt most players often first inquire about is whether or not they can be attacked at any time.

Lahn is extremely agile, with the unprecedented ability to leap and glide through the air for long distances. I don't typically switch to my pre-awakened stance at the moment.